Appsemble 0.12.3
Getting Started
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DNS stands for Domain Name System. This is what links a domain name to a website.

Appsemble supports linking custom domain names to an app. The first step is to get a domain name.

Note: Whether or not Appsemble has support for custom domain names, depends on how it is hosted. It is supported on

Configure CNAME

Create a CNAME record that links @ to the Appsemble URL.

For example, to link your top level domain name to your app on, add the following DNS record. The exact settings screen may vary per registrar.


Note: Not all registrars can handle top level domain name CNAME records. For these domain names, we suggest using Cloudflare. No worries, registration is free.

To link a subdomain, for example my-app, to an app, add the following configuration.


Configure app

For Appsemble to know which app should be served on the given domain name, it should know which app to serve when it receives a request on this domain name.

In the app settings of your app, enter the domain name in the Domain field and save.

It may take up to a day until a domain name has been linked successfully, although in practice this will only take minutes.